MCM2 file install directions

basically all game files need to be unzipped or un-rared to their respective folders in your mcm2 main folder
to locate the main game folder, right click on the game shortcut(the helmet) then select properties
then on the properties dialouge click the "Find Target " button
this will open the games main folder up, in youir main mcm2 folder there are folders for BIKES &
RIDERS also in the same main folder there is a TERRAFORM folder
as for the maps/tracks all you do is unzip them to the game event type folder in the TERRAFORM folder ie NATIONAL, SX, QUARRIES and so forth
for example on a national map unzip it to your terraform/nationals folder, as for utilities you may place them in the main folder
same goes for the bike and rider skins unzip bikes to your Bikes folder and rider skins to the Riders folder
for BikeSwitcher create a folder named BikeSwitcher and unzip BikeSwitcher to it, then open
BikeSwitcher folder and create a shortcut to the .exe
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